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we can not find a fuse, and need to know where it is and which fuse, and what to do next.
i replaced the pads, rotor, and caliper. what should i do next.
Their is no hydraulic lifter noise and there is plenty of oil in the crankcase.
heatert core is leaking
the trans just stop shifting but will go in all gears.
Trying to fine out the sparkplug gap
Shop tells me the coolant temp sensor voltage =0, and the thermostat is stuck open. I believe the thermostat is located on the engine block @ radiator return, but cannot find the coolant temp sensor. Can someone des...
I had my coils changed about 9 months ago. Since than my van starts really hard. It will start to kick over but not make it. The starter/fly wheel would sound really bad too. During the crank over the process would ju...
what is the differance in an intakemanifold gasket for a 1990 chevy G20 4.3l engine? the gasket we pulled off had 10 rectangle openings where 4 were closed off. The gaskets that we bought had 10 openings with 2 closed...
Front hheater/defroster fan won't run. It has a new blower motor. Power comes into switch and blower. When I bypass inside switch inside fan still doesn't run.
how do i repair the pull switch that turns the lights on
The van is really hard to start the first time each day, it is a 1977 chev g20 with the 350 engine, after it has been started once each day it has no problem...but the first time is a real pain!
I am looking for information on how to properly change the heater control valve.....please help
I bought a used chevy g20 conversion van and I plugged in a power inverter into the front cigarette lighter, it worked fine..I Pulled it out and went to try it again, I lost any power to the cigarette lighter and ...