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Ive had to pull on the pos. batt. cables to get it to start. Now it gotten harder to get going. I had to bang on the starter w a hammer to get it to start. Do I need a whole starter or just the solenoid ?
I am having vibrations at 60 mph + from the rear of vehicle. I've checked tires, brakes, u-joints etc. the cutaway has been used for an RV.
(when I check the non supply contact of the fuse I get 1.3 ohms) as far as i can tell this supplies power to the fuel pump relay, the fuel injection system and the ignition relay. Is there a likely component?
can you tell me if its the actuator or the selector
Temperature gauge pegged . No signs of leak or smell of antifreeze. What other problem could it be.
I need to know where to get direction to or how I can change the headlight on my 2001 Chevy Express 3500. I bought it used, I don't have a users guide and I don't see hoe to make the change.
i replaced my starte motor 3 times, i dont know what is happening with that.