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the chevy van has been pulling to passenger side when you put on brakes and now it heat up the front driving side and the rotor and brake pads are in the metal.when you put the brake on to stop or slow down the van th...
working normally. datastream on scanner ranges from 0-5 degrees F for coolant temp. Are there separate sensors ? Just recently installed new battery. Any advice?
Trying to start van, it turned over, no start, electrical power lost. Is there a relay bad somewhere? This just started today.
I was wondering what type of motor oil to buy.
There really isnt any problem except the fact that I dont know the location, the type and how to change the fuel filter out.
Is there an inspection plate above the fuel pump in the bed of the van?
tail lights wont work. i have brake lights and turn signals. i found that the fuse was no good and replaced it with the same good one. the tail lights came one but when i put it in drive and went about 20 feet the tai...
Why hard start when cold? Warm? no problems
i have a 1997 chevy express van 5.7L 1500., with a cooling problem. the overflow fills up after 20 minutes or idling for 10. the thermostat has been checked and opens, the radiator cap replaced, and only leaks after b...