I can not use my automatic starter, this started today and the engine light is on.

the check engine with code p0010

working either, none of the controls for ac and heat lite up either, i don't have code reader. thanks, ray

engine stalls at low idle at stops

When I try to start, it clicks and all interior lights go dim.

I just returned from the in town Chevy dealer. The problem is the EPS first the dash including the EPS would dim at random. This was going on for about 3 months. I could still it see to navigate. Then the voice prompt stopped. The Chevy dealer could not find a code. So no repairs done. Could it be the "chip"? Thanks for any info Viki
I have on star but never used it, for or with the EPS.

My car is at the "Certifiec" Chevy dealer for engine/emissions problems diagnosed/advanced diagnostics report (from Onstar) shows Variable Valve Timing issue (Oil Concumption) and catalytic converter. Dealership refuses to deal with engine problem before putting on a new catalytic converter. Why?

No oil leaks that I can see, yet I Use a quart about every 2500 miles

I have checked the oil level and it is good. What could be wrong.

I think the computer is draining the battery when it is off. How much would a new motherboard cost and labor

I have taken it in for this and they cannot recreate it.

the light on the dashboard where the radio, heater, a/c, etc. in the center of the car keeps on turning off and on. every 5-2 minutes. only sometimes though.