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start the car and the TC light doesn't go off
My ac compressor makes noise so I check the freeon in the ac compressor the reading on the gauges would just go up and down
My ac compressor make noise when it kicks on and so i check ac freeon and I put the gauges on it the gauge just. Up and down
All the time when you run the heat air
I am getting a "check stabilitrack" message on my equinox. The dealership says the right rear ABS speed sensor needs to be replaced and they want almost $400.00 to do it. I have already found the sensor for half of th...
This includes the costs of spark plugs, cleaning surrounding parts, etc.
I switched coil pack and that did not correct it I also put a new spark plug in it, even though I put 4 new ones in back in May, and that did not correct the problem. Can some one give me some help on what might be c...
Does the 2010 Equinox - 4 cylinder require a filter change when performing a transmission fluid change?
Car will not go in reverse and not able to shift gears correctly.
The compressor is knocking when the engine is cold
Just want to know if the 3.0 has a timing chain or belt.
"AUX input device" pops up on radio screen while listening to cd or radio...I do not even use the aux input device...could there be a short in the radio with the wires? It cuts off my music and could happen at anytime...
I unplugged the relays to shut them off. Also the temp gauge isn't working. Engine isn't overheating. Any ideas what the fix is?