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Usually when I have taken off from the lights, I accelerate and the car rev to about 4000rpm though takes really long to gain speed
However I get a display that say a AC off . Then sometimes everything is running ok . If AC compressor doesn't come on I disconnect battery cable off then reconnect it back again and everything works normal for days o...
it has 145k miles, just started. Oil always changed on a regular basis. I know I have a cracked exhaust manifold, but I'm in Florida and never open the windows. also the exhaust tip is black, no sign of leaking oil a...
Start truck everything is fine?drive five miles or so heat goes cool the mil lamp says AC is off and temperature gauge goes to zero. Then mil lamp stays on and the heat gets intensely hot but temperature gauge is at z...
when I disconect the battery wait reconnect wait 10 to 15 minute vehicle start up.
My Low tire warning lite keeps coming on