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Any engine diagrams or links to 2009 Cobalt Sensor repair steps would be greatly appreciated.
My key is stuck in the ignition, currently in the "on" position. I can't turn my car off, or remove the key at all. This is the first time this has happened. It's a manual transmission.
How do I repair the shift linkage cable. This was a recall but now is closed, Ibought my car in 2010, has the problem that was a recall, now they say the the recall is closed, um I still have the problem. How can I ...
Turn signals don't turn off after completing the turn. I hear a click but i have to turn them off manually.
When trying to start my ignition from the keyless button, the lights flash but the car won't start when trying to warm up the cobalt.
both keyless keychains went dead. unlocked car with the key and went to start it and everything went dead and i couldnt get the key out of the ignition
I put new Silver Star bulbs in my wifes '09 Cobalt and now the auto function does not work on the headlights. If you turn the headlights on you have lights though. Any ideas as to why this is?
With my dome light set in the door position it will not shut off when car started or door closed.
I want to change the oil and oil filter on my cobalt, but I can't find the oil filter.
where are the spark plugs located?
Just bought a 2009 cobalt one week ago today (June 26,2010) I happened to notice the light for the passenger air bag reads OFF. What would cause it to read OFF, and how do I get it to go back on, and read ON. The de...
im getting a 09 colbolt, and i also have a honda civic. now the civic has 168,000 on it now and its going good. but what about my new colbolt. how many miles will it get in its lift time? only 120k? or more?
after driving the car for awhile it will start making a metal to metal noise when going around a right turn.. after it has been happening for a while it will become so loud and bad it will happen when the car is going...
Hi I have a 2009 Cobalt with 45,000 miles. The A/C compressor stays on all the time. I pulled the relay and swapped it with the fuel pump relay, with the same results. The relay input is being told to energize with...
The cradle arm in the lower front end of the car has a metal bracket welded to it. The bracket houses a rubber bushing that is about 2" to 3" in diameter. This bushing has failed and looks to be falling apart in piece...