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Replace the engine the engine locked up and I need to replace it.
When you start the car its not too bad.but when it warms up it hits hard
It will sounds like it doesn't want to start but will for now and this is every time i start the car for a couple of days
revesre works, but it did same thing one time,
How do I replace the hood on my 2006 chevy cobalt? It has some dents on the front from someone backing into it. It opens and closes fine so appears to be just cosmetic damage.
but does not un lock on the passage side the lock button does not work win you can get it lock you come back and it is un locked and win u drive it the doors try to lock but they dont but they do un lock win u put it...
The engine trys to turn over but will not start
The problem started around a month ago, and then stopped. It began again this week. I read the car manual and it eludes to replacing the batteries. I did and it stopped for 1 day then began again. It's driving me ...
I just had the brake pads replaced and the brakes started grabbing when I'm in traffic and have to use them a lot. The dealer also replaced the master cylinder,calapiers, and hoses on the front brakes.I release them b...
Both cables were disconnected and neither emergency brake assmebly is movable. What can be done to loosen them so that they operate correctly
It just blows warm air from within the car.