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i have a chevy cobalt 2.2l engine have replaced the fuel filter,air filter,new spark plugs,nd new spark plug wires. my car will still jerk at stop lights acts like its out of gas and while idiling and at short distanc...
when i first bought my colbolt I was able to get 425 miles on a full tank, now I fill up and get 315, 325,I only have 74000 miles not time for a tuneup
My check engine light comes on after the gas cap indicator comes on, and stays on. don't have the money to get it fixed , should this be something that their are able to fix for free.I have taken it to the service dep...
My check engine light coming on when gas tank gets half empty. I get gas and tighten cap and goes off after a 30 mile drive. Went to auto zone and advance auto and no code shows up. What could be the problem
My 06 Chevy Cobalt has had to have the oil pan replaced twice in two years. The first time locking up the engine and fortunately just the pan the second time. Is the pan made of something that cant withstand gravel ro...
placecard missing on door no spects in owner manual also need load spects
Is there any recall in the electric steering power that wont turn recently. Is work fine when start but later on it is hard to turn.
The car is in NY. It is being driven by my student son. He will not be back with the car for many months. Changing the registration to NY is a problem with our multiple car/homeowner's insurance (so it needs to stay r...
Left lights on had neighbor jump, got car starting but now speed gauge does not work and power steering warning is on and my battery light is still on, I have a new battery April 2010.
car will not excelerate when gas peddel is pushed
how do you change the stop light switch on a chevy cobalt 2006 LS 2.2 engine
my cooling fan won't come on unless my ac unit is on or i disconnect the temperature switch.
cylinders are misfiring and very little power
I have a 2006 chevy cobalt and two weeks ago my AC just cut off. It would come back on with a funky smell then cut off again. But last week it cut off and never cut back on. We replaced the freon last month and it was...