Only makes noise when going over gravel or bumps and when declining in speed

trac light is on,abs light is on, check engine light is on, a car with a lock on it shows on, and when driving my car jerks and all the lights will flicker on and off and when i lock my doors then try to unlock the alarm constantly goes off and sometimes car wont start and when all lights are on i cant see how much gas i have or the speed im going or anything and when i put car in drive the doors dont lock automatically

After the reset it came on again Evap is what they say is wrong ?what does it mean

Driving down the interstate car started sputtering then lost acceleration, made it to the shop, car died then would not start back up. Check engine light stays on. Shop tried to do a diagnostic, several codes appeared, codes were cleared tried restarting did not start, they ran the diagnostic again but this time my car would not communicate, having it towed to a dealership, anyone have any ideas what is going on with my car? Before this, my car would only shift into 2nd gear only if I let off the gas

Gas is going way to fast

The battery light is on and indicator telling me to ckeck the charging system. Help please!!

revesre works, but it did same thing one time,

has happened 3 times since recall and replacement of ignition switch/ with new keys.

Car won't go over 10 mph. What can cause this?

When the air pump is pulled off it has water in it. The check engine light will go off but comes right back on shortly after being on the road again. The air pump is tested and works well intermediately, but it's new and has only been on the vehicle a few months. Frustrated, what do I do? I need a smog cert and am having no luck.

usually happens when I back out of drive way and start going forward or when I am tuning at intersections. Does not do it every time. Very random. What could it be?

the air does not come out of the vents

How do I replace the hood on my 2006 chevy cobalt? It has some dents on the front from someone backing into it. It opens and closes fine so appears to be just cosmetic damage.