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Today my cavalier randomly stalled going down the road. When I went to start it back up it was fine but then continues to stall after a few minutes of driving. Help? Idk what this is.
It recently started not shifting out of first gear when it's cold outside (just revs when it's trying to switch) but will when it's warm outside. We checked the transmission fluid and that is up to par. It has a littl...
previous front end collision 2012 airbags not replaced
i cant find the thermostat
The head lights were knocked out of place some of the front end is has fell apart such as the plastic place holders that held in both head lights and also on my back end my break light button sticks so it's constanly ...
What size star socket do i need.
When pushing button to close one side doesn't come all the way down. My email is Maynor5396@comcast.net
trunk is pushed in and do not open. it was hit in the rear end
it, turns over won't start. changed spark plugs, ignition coil, oxygen sensor, starter/selinoid,crank shaft sensor,PCM,it's getting fuel but start just turns over and thats it. Any suggestions besides blowing it up.
have replaced neutral saftey switch,still nothing
My pocket computer tester indictated that my number two censor was out. I a, not sure where this is on my car.
how much would it cost to get my windows and my truck fixed
the car seems to be running at higher RPM's than usual, wht could be causing this?