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Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626
It needs the signal switch changed the one I have now I guess played out the hazard lights work fine but when turn left or right makes weird buzzing noise and lights really don't work and this happens every time I tur...
I did replace the sensor did not help. do these engines 2.2 have a history with oil pressure and oil pumps.is changing out the oil pump a big job. Thank you
I have a 2000 cavalier and when it gets cold the gauges stop functioning completely. Sometimes when it gets warm they all come on other times the speedometer and tach will stick at different speeds again when cold .
So I haven't driven the car more than 5miles only to,get food , this light came on Friday, now it is Sunday. I checked the manual and it suggests engine codes. Also check spark plugs, which I haven't done yet, it has ...
all four windows will not go down
Car sat for 2 days then I tried again early morning and the car started several times (go to stores) then sat couple hours and wouldn't start again. Dash lights come on and then go off, can hear fuel pump. No clickin...
My check engine light was coming on and the people at my repair shop said it was an emissions leak. It has to be fixed to pass emissions test for registration renewal.
Seems to work so-so thru defrost vents. Can hear vents trying to change when activated. Where do I start to try and fix this?
Volt gauge stop working,service light comes on,check gauge light comes on,speedometer stops working,fuel gauge stops working,turn signal/hazard flasher come on but don,t blink.Could the powertrain control module be ba...
I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier and the lines are getting cold going into the fire wall but no colsd air out of the Vents. Where do I have checked the flipper that it is flipping bu there must be something I am missing.