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If I drive my car to the office and have between 1/2 and 3/4 tank of gas, it will loose power and stall when I am climbing a 1% grade. This is after driving @ 12 mile with various grades already climbed. If I have ove...
At the Echeck station they said because the light won't come on they can not pass my car so that I can get new tags. I went and bought a new panel cluster but the light still will not come on. I have no idea of what...
My Chevy Cavalier has lost most all power. When you turn the key on there is no dash lights and car doesn't make a sound. But the headlights work when turned on. Starter has been tested.
before replacing gear shift cable, we were able to crank the car from ignition, now it will not. however cranking it at the starter works. what could have happen?
turn signals,flashers flash for little while then stop.turn switch off and back on again and will work again same thing.
My engine fell down, still in the car but some bolts broke to make it drop. How much will it cost to repair? I was driving last night and thought my tire blew or something. I do need new tires, but when I looked it a...
The fuse is ok. We were just driving and it was ok, then the next time I went to put in the cruise it didn't work. the fuse is ok and the cruise switch on the column feel like it is mechanically ok. I just do not know...
emission warning light came on noticed fuel cap needed replacing did this light still on
Car overheated and lights went out. Car died and can't restart.
changed cluch rlease bearing ,fly wheel,and blead system
She also bent the rim and according to the mechanic the suspension bar is bent. What is an est. cost to repair would you say? Thanks. Phil
The grid cluster and all the internal and external electrical parts work but the car will not turn over, it’s dead. I have checked the battery and the starter, and both are working properly. What else could be the iss...
I need to know where this cylinder 3 is located at
it is getting worse with time. it is flooding and i have had it put on auto zones tester. it said it was flooding and nothing else. what can be causing this?
This is what came back from my engine light coming on and being diagnosed.