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The tensioners under warranty & they replaced it . Had 2 after market parts & 2 GM parts
I have heard horror stories about people being chrged for everythying but the kitchen sink.
I pluged my OBD2 scanner into the ECM port. Icon shows connected to OBD port but unable to retrieve MIL codes. Check engine light does come on with ignition turned on. I didn't run a scan on the road test yet. Car do...
Very hard to go into 1st and 2nd and reverse grinds
Car seems to run great but when I clear check engine light it come back on w code 41
i unscrewed the o2 and drove it and the skip went away so I thought the cat was clogged so I screwed the o2 back in and the skip came back THEN the check engine light came on and it ran perfect like when the o2 was ou...
play in stering wheel bad at 50 or on highway`im hearing a funny noise in front end like a grinding noise
My left taillight (Back-up, brake & blinker) works sporadically, the right works fine. I have checked the fuse and replaced the bulbs. I believe there must be a short or a disconnect in the socket because if I jiggl...
The air blower doesn't come on when you turn on Heater or Defrost.
1. If I'm stopped and try to accelerate, the car acts like it's in neutral for a second or two and then lurches into gear. 2. While accelerating, it will sometimes feel like it's not shifting into gears quickly enough...
When I put my car in gear the passenger side clunks loudly and when someone is sitting there they say that they can feel the floor move on that side. What causes this and how do I fix it?
My car burns a LOT of oil. Is this normal or is there something that I can do about this?
My car idols low and then it burns way to much fuel, what is wrong with it?