I was told that I must replace rotors with break pad.., on my 2011 camaro ss

Driver's side power/heated seat doesn't work. Replaced circuit breaker in dash box & checked fuse in engine box (seems ok). Drained original battery, so just bought new one. Chckd for block on track-none. No sound from seat motor. Please help/share if you have had/fixed this issue. Thanks!

Brake rotors are cast iron and rust in the non-brake pad areas. Factory Camaro wheels allow a clear view of the rust and it looks horrible. How do the experts deal with this problem? I've looked at after-market rotors with ceramic paint but they cost a fortune. I've also seen a website for a rust removing chemical. Could the rotor be removed and soaked in this chemical to remove rust - and then paint ? Any recommendations on approving the appearance??

I ran the code n it came back to my trottle body so I replaced it along with my accelerator pedal but it continues to come on