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what is the cost of an engine shaft alignment...
is it thermostat/ gas cap/ or is it something else...check light is on
My car will start one day and not the next. It will remote start, but turn off once I put the key in and turn. No codes at all. What do I do?
I recently had my spark plugs changed and now I have a loud knocking sound coming from my engine. I fear I may need to replace a piston or rod.
no heat at times,feels like the air condition is on, than heat comes back on, back and forth. temperture max out(needle sticks on "H" than goes back down to normal. all this takes place less than 7 miles of travel.
(V6)Last year I filled the tank and accelerated to get on the interstate and the car started acting like it was running out of gas,the check engine light came on and acted like it had a flat tire(shook)..I took it int...
is there any damage to using Radiator stop leak and if not, what is the best one to use?
is there any damage to using Radiator stop leak and if not, what is the best one to use?
Also very difficult to see inside, and all the youtube videos of this model to replace the bulb doesn't look like mine. The housing and everything is the same, except the removal of the bulb..turning it left, the remo...
this is for a Camaro, what is the name of the blue beam light bulbs, the best ones?
The tire pressure, whenever physically taken indicates 42 psi; however, the tire low-pressure sensor registers 25 psi and the trouble light comes on whenever I drive the vehicle.
I had an engine light come on and the car sputtered and clanked so the next day I added "Heet" to remove moisture I thought was a problem. The next day it sputtered and clanked louder and then the engine started cutti...