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check engine light is on code is P410 light stays on.
Running a little lean with bad mpg and low power. Tried another mass air sensor, tps sensor, fuel filter, checked fuel pressure and for vacuum leaks. Long trims showing +6 to +8 part throttle and wot, but at times the...
It's been a couple months since my last post here, but the same old problem presist. My long trim fuel trims are a positive 16-20 crusing. They used to read negative with no changes to the tune or mods. I have tried a...
With a maf plugged in the car runs very lean an thus pings badly. I cleaned it with a maf cleaner and tried another maf and still pings badly. If I unplug the maf no running lean and pinging. This all leads to a bad ...
My fuel trims have gone lean over time. I have cleaned the maf sensor and checked the fuel pressure and it's good.
My air pump hose cracked and broke into pieces. I have tried heater hose and it almost caught fire. What kind of hose should I try?