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Added 4 quarts when it was low. How long did it take to leak that far down? I see no visible leak near pan.
Is it too hard for a do-it-yourself project?
Trying to determine what security options are standard in the factory system.
The key fobs lock / unlock the doors OK and the manual button on the drivers door works ok. Are the doors supposed to automatically lock when the car reached a certain speed and unlock when I pull the door handle. I...
Car overheated, got low on water - when I filled it back up it was surging back up out of radiator - so I know it has a blown gasket - so I need a rough estimate of how much I'm looking at to replace or fix the head i...
I have large tires on my Z - what tire pressure should I run in these tires to maintain even wear?
Cleared the code: came back on a week later, still no code???
How much should it cost to replace the secondary injection system?
Just had the water pump and thermostat replaced. There is no oil in the water but in the filler there is a off white substance. The oil on dip stick is not creamy though.
How do you turn off the security light on a 2002 Camaro V6 3.8
I just changed the oil in my 2002 camaro six cylinder and now my service engine soon light is on how to i reset so it goes off
car overheated appox 2wks ago;pulled the thermastat out, still overheats; pulled the radiator had it cleaned boiled and rodded out; still overheats.(no water in rad)no water in oil, where is the water going? no leaks...
P410 is the code I got the light stays on its a Z28 camaro