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had engine pulled 10 months ago for $4300 cleaning and sealing all leaks and now being told crankshaft has gone and to pay $2500 to replace block on just pulled and cleaned engine because they could not forsee cranksh...
Odometer does not work the sensors work about ten minutes then fail
My 96 z28 from my mechanic said that the engine is mis-firing at idle but when driving or accelerating, the misfire goes away. this is what his computer tells him. he said he doesnt exactly know what is causing it but...
the light has been on for about 2 weeks now.
p 1870 code came up trany well stick between 2 and 3 when getting on it otherwise runs good
Brake warning light is on. How do I take apart the parking brake lever and reattach or check hydraulic fluid of the braking system? It is only the brake light, not the ABS INOP light, yet.
cant find injector relay,any help would be great.Thanks
My Camaro has a strange sound coming from an idler pully due to worn out bearings. I just need to release tension on the drive belt to get it replaced. What is the proper way to loosen and tighten the belt for this re...
bad lifter, do all of them need to be replaced if one is bad?
Car runs fine - can drive for over 30 minutes. Then stop car and after re-starting, it dies. Error code relates to MAF....any suggestions?
My Camaro is showing these codes as what might be needing repaired/replaced...P0441, P1406, and P1655. Can you give me a short version of what to look at first? I have replaced the EGR within the last month.
need to know how to do a rear alignment on a Chevy camaro?
how much a new transmission.
car been setting along time.
Is it ok to use Lucas in the transmission or for anything in general or is it a waste of money