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It hesitates at idle when I give it gas and makes a puffing sound. It also acts like it's going to die when I first start it, but right before it should stall out it jumps to around 2500 rpms then works its way back d...
all I realy need to do is change ruptured preesure line.can I do this without pulling pump?
I was driving the blazer and it was making squeaky noises from the passenger rear tire it felt like the tire blew I pulled over and put the car in park when I went to put it in drive the drive shaft spins and it won't...
driving down the road drives great hit the accelerator to pass rpms jump but the car still drives perfect.
the car started so was moved. tried the car again it won't start. buzzing, whirring sound when ignition is turned on.
down and gas peddle feels soft, have been told it may be temp sensor is faulty what advice can u give me also no check engine lite comes on had it scaned and showed #4 piston miss fire replaced plug and plug wire stil...
Could this be the problem for my motor to be shaking and run rough as he'll please someone help me figure out the code p 300
I have checked the bulbs, fuses, and selanoid. High beams work.
Truck had been running great before this happened. The blazer stopped running right in front of my house and would not start back up. It cranks well and we put starter fluid in the carb and no fire. Is it the coil p...
yes i know it keeps the fuel in an out fuel gauge seems to be linked to gear lever been in neautral could it be earth wire prblem thanks