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how do i fix my gas door latch it broke and wont shut and is always open how do you fix it
Oil is leaking by the oil pressure sensor and I thought this pressure can fail by electrical failure. Thaksyou
Now and again when I apply break, I get a grinding feeling from the brake pedal and hear a grinding noise. I have replaced the brake pads and got new tires and rims. Every now and again the ABS light on the dashboard ...
Air bag light has been on for awhile, I have read that sometimes the wires under the seat being bumped can cause them to come on, I just want to see if there any simple things I can do to try and fix it before I go an...
i constantly have to put the key in the whole just to put it neutral just so i can start my car and put it in reverse and drive
i put 4 new tires on and new shocks.the problem still exists.the old shocks were completely dead
check light stays on and also tire pressure light stays on.
Engine misfires at high speeds or if you try to push the gas to hard.
the passenger tail lights and the front passenger running light also goes out when the head lights are on. All of the brake light work and none of the bulbs are burnt up and all of the fuses are good. Also a weird thi...
My high beams icon on my dash is always on now.. About 2 weeks.. My headlights are dimmer than they should be..(Not good!) If I put highbeams on all the headlights go off.. A plug that is white that is on drivers side...