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I can pull out in 2wd but want stay its like it goes to neutral but the button says its steal in 2wd so I have to run it 4wd
I recently had a long block put in my vehicle. Now the oil gauge needle stays in the lower right region of the gauge. It appears to be responding to pressure, I see it move some as I accelerate/decelerate. The deal...
a/c works, no heat. only blows air thru the main vents
Only when cranking... Sometimes it will turn over when cranking and sometimes I have to repeat. Then radio makes a screeching/ bump sound even when off & attempting to crank. Then it got to where I was having to cr...
It happens all the time I cannot drive it except to move it , I used a cen-tec canobdll but no codes came on this cheapo diagnostic
I was in traffic yesterday with a 20 foot camper attached and truck was running odd. Engine light on. Started smoking under hood then wouldn't go into reverse. I opened coolant fluid slow and it exploded. Added coola...
stops smoking when warmed up. no check engine light.
Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.
I'm trying to take the plastic skin off back bumper. I,m done except for where you unlock the spare tire, thats the only thing still holding the skin on. Does anyone know how that disassembles?