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When I drive there is no tension on the steering . I feel like the front end is always on ice. This year of Avalanche has no steering wheel position sensor. Are all 2003 like this
I have hardly used the 4 wheel drive on the truck but since the weather has got real bad I have been using it. Now it makes a really bad scratching grinding noise in hi and low range. 2 wheel drive doesn't make any ...
I've had my truck sitting in the garage for 3-4 months and one day I decide to charge it and it turned on and i took it around the block to warm the engine. after 30 minutes of driving , I park it in my drive way. I t...
I thought it was the steering wheel position sensor but I don't have one. Could the steering box cause this. Took a 2010 for test drive steering is stiffer and feel like I have control of truck.
When I try and crank my truck it make all the sounds of the systems making its normal checks. Sometimes it will crank and sometimes it wont. When it cranks everything works fine. When it don't crank everything work...
it loses about 2 quarts every 1500 to 2000 miles I change oil ever 3000 miles it started about 3 years ago with about 1 quart every 3000 miles. It has never smoke out the pips I cant get a good annser
at the end of April my radio stopped working then on May 1 the truck would not start. We replaced the battery and everything started working again. Well this morning, June 2, the truck wouldn't start again.
and then go into neutral, how do i correct this.
I do my emission and safety inspection every year with my 2003 Avalanche and never had a fail for 5 years...until now! The problem was that the check engine light is supposed to illuminate when the key is turned on an...
Service seat belyt light stays on on DIC Been to the dealer 7 times for repair with no luck.
no power to passenger front door power window, power mirror ,power lock, and interior light not working