When I drive there is no tension on the steering . I feel like the front end is always on ice. This year of Avalanche has no steering wheel position sensor.
Are all 2003 like this

drive ? Truck has 66k

We think it has to do with idler or pitman arm. When we took it to a chevy dealer, they said they werent bad, but starting to wear. They had no idea about the noise. It happens mostly on hiway driving and seems to diminish when we let off the gas. It is a rapid "tat-a-tat" noise.

I have hardly used the 4 wheel drive on the truck but since the weather has got real bad I have been using it. Now it makes a really bad scratching grinding noise in hi and low range.
2 wheel drive doesn't make any unusual noises thank god but I think there might be a bit of a problem here. I think the from dif has lost all its oil some how, how do I check and refil it and what weight oil should I use?

I just got a 2003 chevy avalanche a couple days ago. This morning on my way to work I was merging onto the freeway and when I looked down at my speedometer it said I was going 120mph. I knew something was really wrong so I started gauging my speed off my tachometer and the cars around me. About 45 minutes into my hour long drive to work my tachometer stopped working properly and then my oil pressure gauge stopped too. My truck believes that I'm going between 45-60mph at a dead stop and according to my tachometer 5000rpm is actually 0.

After I got to work I googled the issue and found out that they did a recall from some different blogs. I cant find the actual Instrument cluster recall number or anything anywhere but what I found on the blogs says that its 7 years or 70k miles. My truck only has 58,200 miles on it.

So my question is will they still honor the recall or are they going to make me pay an arm and a leg to get this taken care of and does anyone know what the recall number is?????

driveshaft is tooing and I have to change the tailend on. the transfercase

I've had my truck sitting in the garage for 3-4 months and one day I decide to charge it and it turned on and i took it around the block to warm the engine. after 30 minutes of driving , I park it in my drive way. I try turning it on again and it completely died. any suggestions?

I thought it was the steering wheel position sensor but I don't have one.
Could the steering box cause this. Took a 2010 for test drive steering is stiffer and feel like I have control of truck.

When I try and crank my truck it make all the sounds of the systems making its normal checks. Sometimes it will crank and sometimes it wont. When it cranks everything works fine. When it don't crank everything works fine but the fuel and oil pressure stay at 0 and the battery volts goto about 12. Is there any recommendations on where to start looking for a problem. I have seen a lot of stuff on the internet about wont start the first time but will the second. Mine is not like that either it starts or it wont. I have fixed a few cars in the past but I have never had a problem like this and I cant find anything that is like this on the internet. I have found a few things close but nothing like my problems.