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Happened today, truck is parked luckily in secure place, but not able to be towed at current location.
it loses about 2 quarts every 1500 to 2000 miles I change oil ever 3000 miles it started about 3 years ago with about 1 quart every 3000 miles. It has never smoke out the pips I cant get a good annser
at the end of April my radio stopped working then on May 1 the truck would not start. We replaced the battery and everything started working again. Well this morning, June 2, the truck wouldn't start again.
want to take off belt driving fan and put a electric one there is alot of them to chose from want to get the right fan for my truck
goes out sometimes but comes back on after a few miles in 2WD
and then go into neutral, how do i correct this.
i have abs lite and brake lite on dash, code reader says 0141 but mechanic says its my electronic brake control module which is up to $1000. to fix. and when i search i get o2 sensor for code 0141. i look under my tr...
im hearing a sound like gears grinding together in the front of truck on drivers side, and i can hear that something is loose, i looked but didnt see anything wrong. but it sounds like clinging, like the wheel is loos...
hand held computer was sayin throttle body replaced it i give it gas and nothing on dashboard sayin reduce engine power please help
Everything electrical on that door does not work
Replaced both kock sensors a one year ago. Now having a problem with engine light coming on (knock sensor low voltage input) when I fill up at certain gas stations. Light stays on until next fill up, then goes out aft...