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Water getting in the cab after a hard rain
I have the "service 4wh. light" also. intermittent at first. tried messing with the selector sw. and then read it out with a meter. not the problem. then i got code "U1026=Loss of communication with auto transfer ...
when started direct from the starter wires it comes on but like loosing power
No prior problems. Only had 150k miles
previous owner changed ignition, security light is always flashing when running and when off. no starting issues but cluster will occasionally turn off and now transmission wont shift. Others have had the same shiftin...
I have reverse, first and second in my 02 chevy avalanche 5.3 2wd automatic but that's it when it go to shift into third It acts like neutral. Could it be a speed sensor?
when in running the idle is rough and when engaged its shimmy.
had full tank of gas, seat belt light went on, change oil, etc. put decoder on and sail vehicle wont respond.
check engine light always on makes noise when you turn on and while driving.Interior lighting is very dem on front panal, battery dies every once in awhile,just had battery replaced 1yr. ago and replaced gas pump fuel...
my 2002 avalanche had smoke coming out of the steering section yesterday and i have it in the shop today getting repaired they say it is the 3 way light switch in the section
where is it an how can i change it plus code P1441 popped up too can u help me
any tips for sunroof adjustment
The switch on the dash will turn the light on and off, but even in the off position cold air still comes out of the vents whenever the fan is on. I changed the compressor relay in the electrical center under the hood,...