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0-20 psi.and no more
front differentials gear ratio is 3.42 , its a gu6 differential out of a 98 all wheel drive astro van .
frequently battery will drain and wont start, charging system checks out ok, will start right up when jumpstarted, gauge reads about 14 volts will start for a day or a few days after being jump started and process has...
wanting instructions on how to replace the pinion bearing and seal and perhaps the pinion gear itself. The front end clunking, and popping. The rear end was replaced about two months ago. the van is an all wheel drive
on level street it is okay. tried even jumping up & down on the bumper to move the suspension/shocks everything seems ok
Trouble light comes on when pulling a trailer (my boat). First to second gear shifting becomes very hard, it gets slammed into gear
just did this in driveway.fuel pump audible in start position don't know what else to check
cable snapped when i applied the park brake