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The radio comes in andgos away like if you would pull the antenaon and off.changed radio and antena
all the tires have been balancedal front end parts are new inculding tires
Hello, I have a 98 Chevy 3500hd diesel . My starter is less then a year old. My father try's to start it without plugging it in and just cranks it over till the battery's drain, then he charges/ jumps it and it starts...
There isn't any rhyme or reason for this. It can be when engine is hot or cold. It will start again. During a 5 block drive, it can stall 5 times one trip and then zero the next
It don't happen all the time. No codes or malfunction light.
There are four O2 sensors on this truck and two cat converters.
Fuel is leaking heavily from somewhere above the starter (onto the starter) and also drains steadily from weep hole in bottom of bell housing (both only when running). Injector lines are tight and dry at pump and bloc...
how change wiper motor
does this model have a history of fuel pump relay troubles or any other fuel problems
I have got all the bolts out but I still cannot get the water pump to come off
Located near the ocean. Warm and moist air, always. In the morning, when cool, turning the key to start, produces no result. Repeating 4-5 times produces a very weak start. When engine is warmed up, starting is much s...
engine surges at a stop(in drive) after driving at hiway speeds, it surges from 250 to 800 rpms. i've had the local shop check it, they tell it's not showing any codes, so they have no answers.
i dont seem to have power to the clutch or high pressure switch. the control inside shows the the ac is on, but nothing seemd to have power undr the hood. all fuses are good, just want to know if there is anything ot...
i have replaced the blower resistor on the top of the heater box and the switch(only) in the control panel. it still blows on high only. i spoke to a local dealer, they say thats all it should be. do you have any idea...