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when put back into park or neutral start right back up this just started happening
New fuel filter had a lot of pressure in the fuel line still didn't start , seems that it would start only on warm days above 65 degrees. Any idea ?
when it trys to turn 0ver, with key off motoe still turns over
replaced dist cap & rotor, fuel filter, gas pump. when cold, starts ok
i have a 1998 1500 sometimes it hard to started and fire up new coil plugs and wires and fuel pump .
I had a new non EVO power steering pump put on in March of this year, all new front end and steering box as well. I've tried reving the engine to 3K RPM to build up pressure in the power steering pump as some sites su...
run fine as long i got to 30 mile a hour, got worse after a while then no start, replaced plugs and wire and fuel filter, turn over rough i do have sprak on plugs not sure of fuel pressure.
Not sure of the engine, 5.0 or 5.7 it is v8 2wd. Reverse just went out and transmission won't shift in the other gears 1,2 or 3. Drive still works at 2500 rpm
i want to do a full tune up on my truck air filter, oil change oil filter, spark plugs and wires brakes and disks
Tried everything to relearn but still cranks and dies