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after truck warms up and i go over 45 it bangs into second gear. If i turn off and restart its fine.
chevy1500 1998 4x4 runs great until I put it indrive or reverse just installed used tranny ran great for about 60 miles now just dies when put in gear but starts right up in neutral or park
was running & starting great all the sudden its turning over but want start, checked the gas lines and it wasn't pumping so replaced the fuel pump, filter, & relay switch & it still want start. the part store said i s...
I've checked the ground and the relay and both are good. But no power to the pump.
The regulater, all fuses are good, was working fine, and all of a sudden, the window has no power, does not click, nothing, and of course it's in the down position. I'm very lost with this one, any help would be much...
Losing power only in reverse and drive. Whenever I press on gas, it doesn't want to go. Idle is low.
When braking my truck is all over the road.(Side to side) What else could I be looking for that might be worn out and need replacing
When I depress the gas pedal I'll hear my engine revving but the RPMs stay low and I don't go anywhere, my transmission fluid is at good levels, clear, and un-burnt so I don't know what else it could be. Any help appr...
My truck also hesitates when accelerating. I have used fuel injection cleaner and seafoam. my truck only has 55,000 miles. any assistance to resolve this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.