I had somone check it and tole me it is not good because he conected a tester and it beep by putting

It starts fine. It idles ruff. When you try to rev it up,...it's hard to do. It sounds like the fuel is being restricted. You can't get the RPMs to climb. If you keep trying the engine sounds like it wants to die out. The Oil is clean with no water.

Recently my power locks on both driver and passenger side quit working at the same time but the windows still work. The lock and windows are on the same actuator why did just the locks stop. My key fob still works. I just yesterday put new fusses in thinking that was the problem but didn't help. What might be my issue?

What does it mean

Engine is Chevy V8 5.7L

Battery is good I tested all grounds seem OK. There's a dead circuit in both fuse panels. There's power to both auxiliaries. Any ideas?

5.7-4x4 z71, actually a 99 but with 98 body style. New brake switch @ break pedal

The manual says behind headlight switch cannot find it

Was told that this 1998 2wd PU takes a special wheel alignment and the cost will be $200. don't make sense and I think there are trying to pull a fast one. Dealer claims that truck will never need an alignment again with this procedure.