1994 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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if i floor it more like gray smoke comes out while im driving
No power on hills will not make it in over drive no matter how fast I'm going before the hill.
Started out not shifting from first unless i let off the gas And now wont shift at all its automatic transmission fluid looks good and smells good. And parking brake light wont go off
I was just wondering witch manifold I should buy to upgrade from stock and by doing this will it increase horsepower/torque?
My truck has been running perfect, has a new fuel pump, and tune up. When i was driving last night at a steady speed of 55 it stalled out on me and now will turn over but not start. My lights, radio, and everything wo...
The truck is not run hot the oil has been changed on a regular. bases .. It started missing a little. . Oil was changed a few weeks before this. And it was fine. Truck was a farm truck one owner may been setting up f...
the problem occurs whenever im driving sometimes when i press on the brake pedal the light goes out for about 10 to 20 minutes then lights up again. i.ll pump my brakes and sometimes it goes out and sometimes not.beca...