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park reverse and 2nd gear when i put it in drive it just stays in second and it slams hard. the truck ran perfect yesterday its just started doing this this morning
I have to replace a hose and it is hard to get to the bolt on the back without taking it off
I had a valve job done , now the motor is smoking and loosing oil motor has more than 200,000 miles on it
Just wondering what the oil capacity is on the truck listed here...I will be changing the oil filter too. thanks
when we move gear shift on steering column the indicator in dash does not move to tell us what gear it is in.
where is the oil pressure sending unit on my 1994 silverado 1500 pick up 4 wheel drive. gordon
but when on the freeway no problems only going slow and when i hit the gas from a stop once i get going no problems at all
Should the transmition be in overdrive when driving around town (30 to 50) or only when driving faster on expressway ? Thank you!!
what is when you get the key off and hit your brake pedal and the heater come on?
if water is where the plugs go does it mean the block is cracked
what does it mean when theres water where the spark plugs go
if intake manifold is cracked does it mean the block is also cracked problem occurred during freeze with little to no antifreeze
How much should labor cost to replace the engine with a crate long block i a 1994 Chev 1500 4x4?