This happened after clearing ice while the engine was warming up. The interitant was on, but the wipers couldn't move. Did I fry something?

Wet weather makes the truck want to idle rough after driving on the highway @ 10 min, next stop causes truck to act as if it has a fuel pump problem(replaced already & filters), putting in neutral keeps it from stalling. Is it Ignition coil, camshaft/crankshaft position sensors, MAF/MAP, brake booster bleed, or fuel pressure regulator problem? I noticed bottom of front carburator's plastic housing small void by something with wires on it, so outside air could get in under the rubber housing gasket.

I know it has somthing to do w/ tranny

transmisson or drive shaft seals

New battery new cables new starter no start checked wire found starter to img.wire tied together ran new wires the rite way sucked all juice from battery put wires back like found them heater and radio came on with key in swh in off

I am replacing the outside mirror.

Truck starts but bogs down right away. You can hear fuel pump running in tank. Checked fuses relays all good. If its a vac. leak to TBI hard to tell.

I have replaced bulbs and switch the front blinks when turned on the blinker on dash blinks really fast

I have the master cylinder off.

Need to pull off cover to get to rocker arm

Acceleration is very poor all the time.

On blocks it will spin the wheels but has not power.

Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter but still have same problem. Also stalls sometimes when I make a right turn.

have new thermostat,allhoses are hot in and out of heater core plus heater case under dash. just blows real cool air

!994 5.7L V8 Silverado. Transmission fluid is being lost fast, but not on the ground, it's unknown where it's going. Truck will not move unless more fluid is added, next day more fluid is needed. The truck has 155,000 miles on it. Thanks for any help.