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Acceleration is very poor all the time.
On blocks it will spin the wheels but has not power.
Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter but still have same problem. Also stalls sometimes when I make a right turn.
have new thermostat,allhoses are hot in and out of heater core plus heater case under dash. just blows real cool air
!994 5.7L V8 Silverado. Transmission fluid is being lost fast, but not on the ground, it's unknown where it's going. Truck will not move unless more fluid is added, next day more fluid is needed. The truck has 155,000...
as I drive down the road my truck drive to the side
when the key is turned on and off, a tick comes from the area under the dash on the passenger side. it lasts for about 2 minutes and then shuts off. it also ticks whenever you turn the a/c or heat on for the same amou...
good spark at number 1 cylinder,poured a little gas down throttle body ..nothing
They are expensive at auto parts store. Is there another place to get one.
My truck makes a loud rattling noise when I turn the heat or air on.
My truck is hard to keep on the road because there is so much play in the steering. I have a 1994 Chevy Cheyenne.
To get it to kick into gear. This happens every time I start to drive. I have a 1994 chevy cheyenne.
Will won't start - key on 52-56 psi on gas line - put gas in intake from psi. gauge till it starts - turn off gauge supply - then it will run on its own smooth with a steady 55 psi - ture engine off sometimes it will ...
The heat control bar has one arrow showing all the way on H and after 30 seconds all the arrows start flashing from C to H and then after about 60 seconds stops flashing with no arrows showing,Ihave removed the actuat...
What would be the possible problem and how to fix.