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1500 "K" 5.7l. If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
i got a pin hole leak in the cylinder and i need to replace it.i just cant seem to get the wrench or socket close enought to the fire wall to get it off.
Have a leak where lines run next to the firewall. can't tell which one is bad. bought both lines but need some guideing
replaced light switch but I have the same problem
I need a diagram for a 1992 Chevrolet pickup fuse panel. Looking to find the fuse that runs the heater.
There is a lever behind the ignition on my steering column that you must press down on before being able to turn the ignition to the OFF position. This lever broke on my vehicle and it will no longer allow me to turn...