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grinding and poping and jerking
I am not getting fuel to the throttle body. After replacing the fuel pump I realized that I was not getting power to it. I checked for power at the relay and fuse and still nothing. Any ideas would be great!
replaced master cylinder, both front calipers . benched bled cylinder and all wheels independently. can not get any pedal. completely changed fluid with new. no external leaks on any line or wheel backing plate. small...
my transmission lost all gears while i was driving, even reverse and it made a grinding noise when i shifted into park, silenoid? clutch? not quite sure, i figured if it dropped a gear it'd at least have reverse, but ...
The noise coming from the front of the engine does not sound like a bearing going out, it sounds like an impeller in the steering pump is rubbing.
I have a 1979 Chevy pick-up 4x4 and the front left brake locks up when applying brakes
i have a 72 chevy pickup 350 ci oil on 2 plugs is there something i can buy to insert in plug holes to keep from fouling i was told it is the valve guides ?
I need to know how to repair, a problems in my loose steering wheel
I am getting about a 17v voltage spike during the first 10-15 minutes after start up. They will hold for a few minutes then drop, and return again. After the engine warms up, they seem to go away. Any thoughts as t...
I have to replace some broken studs on my '86 chev 4wd fullsize plowtruck left front wheel. I need some helpful info on how to get the hub off & back on and it requires removing the hub. rick rnik@jamadots.com
Need to replace a rear wheel stud. What is the procedure?
I have replaced the coil and it still won't fire. Also checked the fuses.what else could it be?
Truck drains transmission fluid when not driven often. When driven the leak is very gradual but still leaks.
i recentally put a new clutch, clucth master cylinder,and slave cylinder in my 89 chevy 4x4 but how i have lost all pressure at the clutch. I have tried bleeding the system several times with no results. Any ideas on ...
After I put a load in my trailor I go approx. 15 miles then the "service engine soon" light comes on steady and stays on. I turn off the engine unload my load, I start the truck up the light is out,It does it everytim...