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sort of a surge up and down idling
i have changed the plugs wires cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter. have replaced gasket under thottle body, help!
why does my truck viberate when breaking?
I have changed all the battery,alternator,all the spark plugs,and the fuel filter but still won't fire up and I really don't want to take it to a shop.So if anyone knows what I need to do and has some advice for me pl...
As you step on the gas and transmission downshifts , the shaking goes away ! Is this a torque converter about to blow and or an ailing flywheel situation ?
want to replace the canister purge valve and need to know where it goes
im just trying to find out what type of oil my truck takes
everytime i take the fuel cap off alot of pressure is releast.
the windshield wipers and washers are not working properly on my 1990 chevy k1500. the washer will not work at all and the wipers will work but not all the time. I've read that the problem is a circuit board that cont...
How do you install a distributor condenser on the alternator in order to reduce the engine noise heard through the radio?
loss of compression and very sluggish 1983 C-10 305 is the motor should i get a tune up?
When do you know it's time to change the timin chain
Truck has been setting for a while. Charged up battery, starts fine, runs fine but battery light on dash has come on and stays on. Noticed that the alternator output guage is not registering where it normally does (a...
I am the original ownwer of a 1989 Chevy Cheyanne 1500 rwd a/c 5.0L a/t . Up until 3 months ago (118,249) , Everything was fine . Now oil is leaking out the back of the engine between the trans. What could possibly le...
will a automatic 4 speed from a 92 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive 350 fit in a 90 1/2 ton 350 4 wheel drive?