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I also am going to be changing master and slave cylinder what order do i need to do all th
all the other tail, and signal lights work fine, I replaced the brake light switch to no avail
When you put it in gear with drive shafts on (4x4 or 2wd doesn't matter) and release the clutch the drive won't turn. and just sounds like a bunch clouds clunks. But wen I took drive shafts off the did that, the back ...
cant find the location of the computer can anyone tell me thankss
But no codes show when it is checked. In OD it hesitates but accelerate it stops and goes right on. Also it will die going down the road, put in neutral turn key will fire right back up. Sometimes start it put it in ...
was running,stop getting fuel,was surging up and down,replace with new fuel pump,plugs,wires,dist cap map sensor,fuel pump relay,oil pressure switch,
Ran rough moved it around the yard .sat for 5 minutes went to start it and no go.checked the fuel and spark but won't start. Doesn't sound the same,sounds like its cranking faster.
i have tryed bleding off lines and they still wont release
need help rewiring tail lights there seems to be a short fuse keeps blowing and we can't find short how do we rewire
brake lights, head lights and turn signals work but tail lights will not work
1988 Silverado Short Bed Pickup - 5.7L 350 V8. Had a gear blow out the cover, but rear end did not lock up. No tag or stamp found on the rear axle either. Any one have an idea on the Gear Ratio so that I can start loo...
truck will not start. just quit while going down the road