Check valve in gas tank on 2003 Chrysler 300M

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Why does the gas pump lever kick off when I am filling the gas tank?
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There is a vent for the fuel tank, and as the tank fills with fuel, the displaced air escapes through the vent. If the vent is plugged, this is what will happen. Check for a plugged vent.
I'm sorry, I cannot answer that, because I don't know. You can try getting a repair manual, but I'm not sure they will have this info either. The one I have doesn't show it at all, but what I did was look up some information for your vehicle, and I found a technical service bulletin from Chrysler that addresses this issue.
Here is the bulletin # 14-001-03
This repair requires some new parts and removing the tank to be able to install them, so you'll likely need to take this to the dealer or a high quality repair shop.
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where would this vent be so that I can check to see if it is plugged.
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I do have the same problem. I am a mechanical engineer so I decided to take care by myself. After dissassembling the fillinh hose I found a check valve in the tank inlet. That is the problem. it is not oppening properly. Unafortunatelly there is no an easy way to fix it unless you have the parts and i will take to remove the tank. I would reccomend to use a repair shop.