Check traction, stability trak off, locks open and close by it self. on 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Only 33,000 miles on 4x4 truck. Nothing shows on the code machine, and it happens after driving a further distance, and if the signal light is used or the brakes are used. Everything turning off and on by itself. The radio becomes statichy and sounds like the station is changing. The temp gauge looks all distorted. What is the problem and how much will the repair be?

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A code reader only reads the generic emission codes. The symptoms you are having are resulting from other modules, ABS, & Body Control, (Driver door, etc). If you have the money, one can be purchased, maybe if your lucky, starting around $2,000.00. We are here to try and direct you with an answer/advise. My advise is find someone with a Tech2 scan tool to help you diagnose your problems, or purchase one and train to operate it, and throw the code reader away. After the faults are found the price can be given. Not to be rude but everyone has a code reader and thinks it will answer all their problems. We invest thousands of dollars every year for equipment to fix your problems
Just did a scanner upgrade with Snap-on, 7,375.00! Right now it is the latest and greatest but in 3 years? You know the deal. That's just a drop in the bucket of the cost customers just dont ever think about! From the other side of the counter though, i do understand, everything nowadays is expensive.
I also got a new Snap on last year, But it still doesn't have a few car brands/models, so I bought another one this year for those $4,700.00. Now I have 8 scan tools.
Yeah, kept the others as well, even this new one still is lacking on the European stuff.
Snap On won't give Saab because they do their programs. Check out the Launch from Matco, very good coverage for Asian & Euro.
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