check trac light on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

my check trac light comes on the temperture gauge goes up and down. sometime the car hestitate and cuts off. what can that be.

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Hello, were you able to find a solution to this problem? Were they all related?
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traction system diagnostics pull 3 codes, C1233,C1234, C1236. Could be related to front wheel speed circuits open and low system supply voltage problems. First, Try turning off tracking by pressing button inside glove box and running vehicle. May help.
I have had the same problem. Changed out the crank sensor and it took care of the problem.
I had the same problem when the car had about 80,000 miles. After several attempts to have it fixed I found an electric shop that found the bad crank sensor. It took care of the problem until today 139,000 and it has the same symptoms.