Check Hybrid System light on? on 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

my check hybrid system warning light came on then the check VSC System came on briefly and the car then stopped. Check Hybrid System light came back on but I was able to start the car again. It seems ok except for the Check hybrid system light remains on. The manual says stop your vehicle and call a Toyota dealer, however, I had to drive a few more miles to get home since it was late at night and 19 degrees outside.

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HI! I have had this happen several times to my 2006 Highlander Hybrid. It always occured a few days after the little 12 volt battery had run down (due to dome light left on, door ajar). The first time was on a trip to Denver Colorado. My car did the same things as you described that yours did. I didn't have my scan tool with me to read the codes so after inspecting everthing under the hood I disconnected the 12 volt battery for about 2 minutes and reconnected it. This cleared the code and the problem never reappeared. About a month ago an interior light was left on for a few days and the battery was run down again. I jupmed it to get it started and about 3 days later I got the VSC lights again. I disconnected the battery to clear the error and it never reappeared again.
Thanks , I did take it to the dealer and all it was just a loose connection with 12v battery cable.
this message might appear when the gasoline in the tank is very low
fill the tank and it will vanish
I had the exact same symptoms on my '06 HiHy. 12 V battery had run empty with key in ignition overnight and even after trickle charging it back to health and running the engine for > 1 hour around town, the 'Check Engine' and 'Check Hybrid System' messages wouldn't go away. Following the advice here, by disconnecting the negative lead on the 12 v battery for ~ 2 minutes, the messages all went away (as did my radio presets, but who's complaining!).
Thanks, my wife just called and had the same thing occur and she was stuck at our local mechanic, I happened to have read this and told her to tell the garage mechanic where she was to remove the negative battery cable, wait 2 min put it back on and shazam! It's running like always. Great tip thank you.
I just took the negative post off of my battery, waited about 5 minutes and now my car won't start. I have a Christmas tree of lights and it doesn't do anything, any ideas?
Get the car to a Toyota specialist. Probably best to tow it to prevent further problems.
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