check gauges light encountered on 1994 Chrysler LeBaron

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while driving, everything shut down and the "check gauges light" on the instrument panel lit. I put the car in park and it started, I drove toward home and it happened again within 1 mile. I started it again and got home when it happened again. I garaged it and read the manual which said this light monitors low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and low voltage. The battery is new and I had only driven 2 miles so the engine could not be hot. Don't know about low oil pressure. I had not driven the car for 2 weeks and seldom use it since it is a second car.
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My best advise is for you to road test the vehicle and observe all of the gauges. When the CHECK GAUGES lamp comes on, see which gauge is out of range and perform diagnostic from there. If all of the gauges go out at the same time, you probably have a wiring issue or a defective instrument cluster circuit board.