Check engine/VSC/4WD lights were all on. on 2006 Toyota RAV4

As stated, after checking gascap and sisconnecting positive terminal for a few moments, ligts went off...temporarily.After driving for 10 miles, they came back on. I do alot of driving over terrible rocky roads, and lifted vehicle to check for loose EPA modules,especially near all the hosing by gas tank and front plate. I realize that this is an issue with the Rav 4, but does ANYONE have an exact solution or can tell me EXACTLY what the problem is. PLEASE, no could be's, might be's...just a definitive answer. Would so greatly appreciate it. PLEASE, HELP OUT A VETERAN IN NEED.

Just got back from the shop with the diagnostsic test completed.This is what it said:
Codes- P0137-P0606-C1201
As for problems,it stated the following:
1.Oxygen sensor-Bank 1-sensor[AFS]
2.Bank 1-sensor 2-Oxygen sensor #2

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Hello: Well, those codes are interesting that you got. (1) Take your Toyota to your dealership or to a reputable mechanic such as Midas or to another location to have them do a FULL Diagnostic check on the Check Engine Light (that test will cost you between FREE-$100 depending on where you go). Once they do the test, they will talk with you about the codes and what they mean. I can only find 2 of these codes online and here is what they mean: P0137 - Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (meaning that could be the Oxygen Sensor for the Catalytic Converter that is going bad or has failed; and, P0606 - PCM Processor Fault (I am not sure what that means, but you can ask your dealership once they have done the FULL Diagnostic Check Engine Light test). And the third code...C1201? That I don't know, but I think you mean P1201 -- you will have to check with your dealership as to what that means.

More than likely, your catalytic converter is telling you to get it replaced as well as the oxygen sensors too. But have them do the Check Engine Light FULL Diagnostic test to determine what it could be. One code could mean one thing, but yet again there are hidden codes that could mean another issue altogether.

Hope this helps and good luck.