check engine wont pass emissions on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500

codes p0441 and po133 had charcol cansiter solenoid replaced
still gives code po441 and now the new code po133.idles at stop then dies seem sometime like sometimes not getting enough fuel and other like get to much.bad gas fumes.i cant find anyone that trace this problem had smoke test ran on it the first time the guy said the canister so fixed that then it ran worst than before took it back ran smoke test agin and oem new code po133 and po441 and he said something wrong in gas tank. i am at the end of rope please help

First, you need to find a independent Dodge specialist, you need an expert.
P0441 indicates incorrect purge flow detected. That doesn't mean necessarily that the solenoid or canister is faulty. It means that the purge flow is incorrect, which could have several causes, including a faulty purge solenoid, faulty canister, collapsed or leaky vacuum lines related to the evaporative system, and probably a few more possibilities.
P0133 indicates bank 1, oxygen sensor #1 exhibits slow response to the computer commands for rich/lean fuel mixture. That could be related to the purge flow problem especially if there's a leak or other factor affecting air/fuel proportion. This should not be really difficult to diagnose for a person familiar with these systems.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: