2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 Q&A

2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 Question: Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light

Why would the Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light come on and at one time during day? I just had my oil changed and the engine light came on again? the repair man said I needed to have my engine gaskets changed, I donot see any oil leaks where I park my car, has anyone experience this issue? thx -
Answer 1
check your oil level yourself.could be he didnt put the right amount in.need more info as to what gasket your talking about but if you dont see any leaks it sounds fishy to me.get a second opinion. -
Answer 2
It take 8 quarts of approved MB oil when filter is also replaced. Do you know if he put 8 quarts in it? Zee -
Answer 3
I had this happen when an oil change put 9 qts in when with filter it called for 8.5. -
Comment 1
Same thing is hapenning to me but they added (or charged me for) 10 qts of oil. Light keeps coming on and no oil where I park. -