check engine light/emissions failure on 1997 Nissan Maxima

Took car in to get check engine light codes: P0450 Evaporator emission control system pressure sensor malfunction, P1105 MAP/BARO pressure switch solenoid valve and P1445 Evap canister purge volume control valve. Where can I purchase these without spending an arm and a leg?

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You are wasting your money if you are going to start replacing parts without diagnosing the problem first. The diagnostic codes are meant to give you a hint as to where to start looking. My thought is they are all related to one issue, and it's possible none of the parts you mention will fix the problem.
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The Evap codes may be all related they all work together one mess ups you will get all the codes, so change the MAP sensor first, after that try to look for any Leaks in the Evap system i would start with the gas cap