Check Engine Light ~ Won't Pass Smog Test on 1998 Nissan Frontier

My truck won't pass smog because of a check engine light which turned out is caused by the trucks computer. The shop wants 1,200 for the computer. Way over the 450 cost limit. Is this right?? The park neutural switch has nothing to do with emissions.

This is insane, any ideas other than leaving the vehicle at the bottom of the ocean...

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There are companies that rebuild control modules, this may be a better solution. Search the web for ECU rebuilders
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I own a 05 Frontier that recently got a check engine light(code).Dealer said @$400.
Go to you purge vent/canister and locate the 2-wire connection going to the actual purge vent solenoid.Establish a good connection and the problem will probably be solved. My understanding is the evaporative canister does not need replacing if unit is 5 lbs or lighter leaving a solenoid if above procedure did not correct. The solenoid is removable and replaceable for much less.
This failure is on their cars and trucks and I believe that this is known to all at Nissan but the money is just too good.