check engine light will not go off! on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I had o2 sensors changed, EGR changed even drop the tank and had the fuel pressure senor changed, still gives me p0132 or p0135 reading. Now it is begins to cut out and give me little to no acceleration, please help!

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P0132 is high O2 sensor voltage, P0135 is also O2 sensor related,

For test procedures There is a company that independent auto repair shops get their information from, this same information is available inexpensively for people that work on their own cars.. The information is year make and model specific, covering repair procedures, torque specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate
A professional grade scan tool allows key engine sensor data to be analyzed right off the scan tool without having to do intrusive testing at each sensor.
Thanks Greg,
I had codes ran at three shops, a electric shop and the dealer all can't find the problem.I would thick one of them would have used the Alldata system.