Check engine light, the throttle control/transmission lamp warnings came on. on 2005 Mercury Montego

I have a 2005 Mercury Montego with CVT built after 10/17/2005 and 59,000+ miles. Without any previous warning signs, an hour ago I was on my way home and the check engine light, the throttle control/transmission lamp (little double ended wrench), and the LED "Check Engine" and "Check Transmission" warnings all came on. It was less than three blocks to my drive and since I wasn't sure what was happening I drove home. I noticed it was handling "sluggish" and when I placed it into Drive it kind of went into it hard. Not necessarily a "clunk" going into gear, but a harsh sound all the same. Please tell me this isn't something wicked bad and expensive that is happening. Any suggestions?

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Don't be worried that because several warning lights are on that there are several problems. Many sensors are shared between the engine and transmission control, and the traction control and anti lock brake circuit. One sensor failure can cause several systems to fail, or appear to fail. A scan tool is needed to retrieve these codes in your car. It's foolish to speculate what's wrong until a scan tool is plugged into the diagnostic socket under the dash the codes stored in the computer of your car will indicate where the problem is.
Thank you for your reply. I'm getting the car towed to the mechanic in the morning to be on the safe side (as I cannot in anyway afford to be without a car or a more expensive repair) and will have it scanned in a diagnostic check.

I will definitely be back here with the information if I have anymore questions.

Again, your response was greatly appreciated!
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If you shut off it will run but the part is the throttle valve body and it is 500.00 just for the part,They recalled it and would only clean it and it did the same thing 5 miles down the road.