check engine light. stays on constantly. on 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

check engine light will not go out. what gives??

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there is a malfunction in the fuel control. get the code pulled and get back to us.

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Really need to have the codes Checked for your Check Engine Light.

see this article:
I have found that even though the problem that set the code has been fixed, sometimes clearing the code with the scan tool does not work. Disconnecting the battery for a few minutes will.
change the gas that you are useing if you are useing 87 oct.all the time.the egr valve gets dirty and your O2sensors gets dirty want let your computer read right. so do a fillup of 97 oct that cleans the egr valve and sensors.if it does not go off in about ten to twenty miles stop the car or truck dis connect the battry the possive side.for about 5 mins that will reprogram the computer.if the lights comes back on. keep useing 97oct for about two tanks and keepreprograming computer.its works for me. frank